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Roses: care tips

Roses head the popularity rankings all over the world. Find out from Fleurop professionals here how to keep them fresh for even longer:

  • Roses from the Fleurop flower shop are always sold or delivered ready to put in the vase.

  • If you do not receive your roses in this condition, remove all leaves that would touch the water.

  • Cut each stem with a sharp knife (not with scissors).

  • Make a long, diagonal cut.

  • Choose an absolutely clean vase that is tall enough. For roses, the water has to come at least half way up the stem.

  • Place the flowers in cool (never ice-cold) water.

  • Add floral preservative to the water, never use sugar or similar substances instead. Sugar encourages rotting.

  • Find a cool, draught-free position if possible. If this is not possible during the day, treat your roses to a cool place overnight at least.

  • When choosing a position, avoid bright sunlight, anywhere close to radiators or fruit, or anywhere behind glass.

  • If there is floral preservative in the water, top up the water daily.

  • If you are not using floral preservative, you should change the water every day.

  • Take this opportunity to cut the rose stems again and clean the vase.  

A propos cleaning the vase: the vase has to be really free of germs and should also be free of soap residues. For this reason, you should clean vases - e. g. vases from Fleurop - in the dishwasher if possible. Tip: Kukident or Corega Tabs also work well. Just place a tablet in the vase with fresh water, leave to act overnight and rinse.



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